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Can I qualify for the ankle monitor if I am sentence to jail for 300 days?

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I'm looking at a jail time of 300 days for my 4th DUI (felony) charge. I have a full time job and want to avoid jail time. Am I able to request or qualify for the ankle monitor/house arrest program? I've been told that I can only qualify if its a 90 days or less jail sentence. Or apply for it when I have 90 left of my sentence. Is this correct?

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The local jail should be able to provide you with this information. If you don't have one already you should contact a local attorney. Programs change frequently based on inmate populations and budgetary concerns.

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You are being charged with a felony. If you do not already have an attorney — you need one. All counties are different in their allowance on alternatives to jail time. Home confinement is probably not a viable option since this is a felony DUI. However many times courts will allow you to attend private jail that allows you to go to and from work but sleep at the private jail at night. Be aware all of these alternatives to jail time cost money and you will need to have an attorney to receive an alternative sentence.
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Contact an attorney in your area that is familiar with the Courts up there. I would be surprised if an ankle monitor would be approved for a full sentence on a 4th DUI, but worth looking into. You should definitely have an attorney handle this case for you if you do not have one already. There may be able to be a better negotiation possible than just walking in and taking the first offer the D.A. gives.

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