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Can I protect my finances/income from my boyfriend's vindictive ex if we get married?

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She just remarried after quitting her job when my BF got his new job after being the stay at home dad for 7+ yrs. She claims she can't work as hairdresser b/c she has to stay and care for the kids. She owns businesses she claims she gets no income from and claims she doesn't have any clients for work. She seriously is trying to bleed him dry and has filed with OCCSS. He's fighting her no income claim, but I'm worried. If we get married, can she come after my financial data and my money, filing again on the two of us, and claiming that he can pay more because we are then married? I don't want MY hard work and money to be paying for her to be sitting on her butt doing nothing and travelling while my BF and I work just to pay her. PS -I make double what he does - will that matter?

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the answer is need to follow simple steps to protect yourself. The main point is you must keep your financials separate...and you can make some prenuptial agreement...

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Based on the facts you give, your financial data is only relevant to tax status. Based on what you are saying, it sounds like he would benefit from hiring an attorney to represent him to assure that all possible sources of income, imputed and otherwise, are considered for her, There are other items considered by the court when determining child support, not just a paycheck.

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