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Can I prosecute for mail fraud that was committed in March or April of 2011? I have the initial change of address document.

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I was away at school for 2 yrs, but still used my parents' address. My sister submitted a change of address with the last name we share. I asked her to redo the change of address form and itemize it. She denied ever submitting the form. I decided to let the issue go until I didn't receive my credit card statements. The credit card company informed me that my statements were being sent to her address, which I had to verify. I submitted my own form to correct the issue. She has created fake profiles to harass me on facebook, sent me texts cussing me out, and gave other people messages to give to me. I tried to report her for harassment but was told I could not because I didn't tell her to stop and the fake profiles would not hold up. Will the mail situation stick? I'm tired of being harassed

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There are a host of options for you to follow up on, but all of the, are going to come with some serious elbow grease contributions by either you or a lawyer you are paying.

You should do several things to start, and this is not a comprehensive list. You really may want to talk to a LOCAL lawyer who may be able to manage the process for you. Augusta is a great city and there are several fine lawyers there who will help you.
Contact the Credit Agencies, report the issues, freeze your credit, and contest all of the inaccuracies.
Contact the Social Media Sites that she is using to harass you. You may want a lawyer to write some nasty "lawyer letters" to them so they take you seriously. These companies do not want their service to be used in a harassing way and they will assit you in shutting down this type of content.
You need to ask a lawyer or local legal assistance organization such as your local District Attorney's Victim Witness Organization to assist you with exploring your Warrant options. There are several criminal charges which can apply when a person is victimized in the way you alleged. Even without Police assistance you have a right as a private citizen to apply for a warrant in the local municipal court. You will need to file complaints and follow up with them at the Post Office and at other organizations where you are having these identity and harassment issues.
Good luck!
Joshua Schiffer

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I would encourage you to speak with the post office about the address and mail issue.