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Can I prosecute a false witness for perjury and sue them in civil court after a not guilty plea.

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I was walking down the street in my neighborhood. The police stopped me and told me I fit a description. I was shown to a couple who had been robbed and was identified as an armed robber. There3 was no line up. I was jailed for four months with a 100k dollar cash bond. I was evicted and lost all of my possessions. The 911 call stated that the couple was robbed by individuals with ski masks and they could not tell what the robbers looked like. But in court they lied on the witness stand and said they were 200 percent sure I was one of the robbers. There was absolutely no evidence. There was a snow storm and none of the shoe prints, were mine. Dna wasnt mine. Can I convict them of perjury and can I win a civil suit for loss of property, pain and suffering and slander. Thank U.

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Based on the information you provided, it is highly unlikely that you can sue the couple who testified in court.
It is also unlikely that the prosecutor will agree to prosecute perjury charges against the couple.

The information provided should not be considered legal advice. I am not licensed to practice in any State other than Ohio. The results of your case will depend on the presentation of evidence, the law and other factors that may change depending on an in depth analysis of the facts of the case. Please see an attorney before making legal decisions.


Probably not. You may have a shot at suing the city for false imprisonment but I highly doubt you will be successful on that claim as well. You would need to hire an attorney experienced in 1983 actions in order to do that. Good luck.

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