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Can I Print professional sports team logo for free

Pflugerville, TX |

Hi I am looking to sell a item that will sell without a trademarked logo printed on it but I want to offer my customer the option to customize what they buy with any drawing or photo by uploading it. I do not care if it is a NBA, NFL, NCAA team logo or a personal family photo. I will not charge for this printing service and I will sell my item at the same price whether the customer want it plain black or white or with a professional sports team logo. Can I do this legally? Thank you

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yes, if you get a licence from the owner.

Otherwise No. In fact, most major trademark holders have firms that do little more than police infringement--this is because the failure to take steps to protect your mark can result in deemed abandonment. Btw, it's also criminal in some contexts. Also, infringement has mandatory attorney's fees + statutory damages if you do not comply and force litigation.

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