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Can I press charges to this minor male for harassment or stalking?

Louisville, KY |

The male is 15 years of age. Through facebook, he accessed the number to my workplace. I work with Target. Since then, I have blocked and removed him. I was on a voice-chatting system with him and someone else, and they had prank called my work. I immediately got onto them. I removed myself from them, I no longer speak with the male unless needed. Since then, my workplace has gotten many prank calls coming in, often times he asks for me, or does something ridiculous. I received warning of this happening when I wasn't even on the job, I was shopping, and I was told about it. I need to know what I can do.

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I moved your question, because it is more a criminal question than an employment or privacy question. You can always contact the County Attorney's Office and discuss the unwanted contact with them. The truth; however is that harrassment and stalking charges are difficult cases to prove and the length and amount of harassment that must be documented occurring is quite lengthy. Call the county attorney. You might also tell your supervisors to be on the lookout for this person who keeps calling, so that they are well aware that you are not involved. Good luck!

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Go to the Jefferson County District Court Clerk's Office and swear out a criminal complaint for Harassing Communications against the juvenile. You can also call the police and make a police report. Also, you can hire an attorney to write a cease and desist letter to the wrongdoer.

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You should tell your work that you are getting harrassed through no fault of your own. You can file a complaint at the Jefferson County Attorney's office. You may have proof issues. You can also report to the police next time this happens.

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