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Can I press charges for identity theft?

Elmer, NJ |

im entitled to money from ss for survivor benefits . my wife passed in rights were suspended 09. my aunt got custody of my daughter in 09,& tried to get a credit card under my daughter's ss but she was caught,& charged with a misdemeanor. when i went to get my ss check,i found out my aunt and uncle got a fake id with my name & they filed for the money thats legally mine. I did file a complaint with ss,havent heard anything since. i also found out they got the fake id from a check cashing company .so even though i filed a complaint with ss, can i still file a complaint with the police?,if not, since the check cashing place gave them the i.d., can i get the records from them and file a complaint with the police? what kind of charge will my aunt get since she is doing this again?

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Based on what you have said, it would be wise to seek legal counsel in NJ to review your allegations and advise you. You can usually get a referral from your local bar association's Lawyer Referral Service. It sounds as if filing a police report would be wise, or going directly to the District Attorney's Office in your state and filing a complaint.

Information above is provided to help you get a better grasp of the questions you need answered. You are advised to seek legal advise directly from an attorney in your area who can review all the facts and the law locally and advise you.


You should go to your local police department and ask to speak with a detective. That officer will evaluate your case and contact the appropriate assit. prosecutor. There may be charges against the check cashing place too if the proofs are there. As far as a civil suit you would have to speak to an attorney who practices civil law. good luck.



can i still file a report with the police even though i already filed a report with social security?