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Can I press charges against my sister and brother-in-law for breaking in to my room and trashing the room and my computer?

Hazleton, PA |

They are staying at our house for about a month because they got kicked out of theirs. It is my mothers house where this happen. We are all legal age, me 20 my sister 25 and her husband 30 something. This happened about 6-7 month ago.

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If you have evidence that they destroyed property that you own, you can file a police report, file a private criminal complaint, or file a civil lawsuit to recover the damages. Keep in mind, resorting to the Court system is a serious matter and could involve a record that cannot be expunged, time, and money. You should talk this over carefully with an attorney (and perhaps your family members) to decide what the appropriate course of action might be

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William A. Jones Jr.

William A. Jones Jr.


Excellent response.

Keith G Langer

Keith G Langer


"This happened about 6-7 month ago. " Then you have compromised your options by "6-7 month[s]" of inertia, during which your evidence was probably lost. Why your sister and her husband were expulsed from their prior residence may be a factor; perhaps part of a pattern of conduct.


Mr. Crawford has given you an outstanding response to your question. I endorse it completely and really have nothing to add.


Mr. Crawford offered you excellent advise. Good luck.

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