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Can I Press charges against Cedar Point for mistreatment of employees, lack of employee protection on the job, and more?

Akron, OH |

I was terminated due to me following instructions given to me by a supervisor. A person who is suppose to provide you with the most up to date information, that's not in the books. When I was fired my manager told me I was fired for theft. They say that because I was working a game that has two different options, one for kids/women and one that my supervisor told me to ENCOURAGE for men. Previous to that I have seen multiple employees do the same thing, and were not fired. The situation that brought this up was me being aggressive to a guest because of of him making a physical threat; however, I was expressing my right to speak when in response to my life, though it was against company policy. However, my file is super clean and I recieved multiple recognition for my good work then this.

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You should immediately file for unemployment benefits. Filing a wrongful termination lawsuit is more complicated matter. As a general rule, Ohio is an "at will" employment law state; however, if you were terminated for attempting to prevent an act of violence or complaining about a violation of law/regulation, it might be possible to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. These type of cases can be lengthy and many of them fail.

File for unemployment benefits immediately, start looking for a new job, and if you still want to consider a lawsuit, contact local attorneys for a consultation.

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