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Can I press charges against a minor for assault?

Montgomery, AL |

I was working at a store when a group of people come in and were causing a ruckus in the store when I politely asked them to leave. They began cursing at me, and threatened to destroy things, so I began to call 911 when one of them picked up items off the counter and threw them at me, hitting me in the face. When the cops showed up, they mentioned that they were all minors, the one assaulting me being only 13. He mentioned something about having a year to file a petition against the girl and I fully intend on pressing charges as much as the law abides me to. It seems as though I can't do much seeing she's a minor. What other options do I have? These people have no respect for law or other people and I am tired of them getting away with it.

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In Alabama, a minor can be charged in juvenile court for assault. There is a one year statute of limitations on Assault Third degree which is a misdemeanor. You will have to swear out a warrant to the magistrate where the crime occurred.

If found true (a guilty plea or verdict in adult court), then judge has many options of punishment. While a juvenile record is sealed to the public, law enforcement will have access to it. If she is a repeat offender, then the Judge may be more apt to impose a harsher sentence.

Also, document the incident to your employer, including a copy of the police report. This puts the employer on notice that perhaps more security measures need to be taken.

Nothing in this answer should be construed as a legal opinion. It is solely based on the general information provided and provides a general response.