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Can I possibly have a strong case for Bad Faith Insurance and Breach of Contract?

Englewood, NJ |

I filed a disability claim with MET LIFE in August 2012, it took them 6 months to process the claim asking for same info back & forth and a serious of interrogations. On February 2013 I recorded the claim adjuster stating the claim was denied because the minimum income information was different on the application. I told them the questions were asked by their representative and were answered as interpreted by their broker, the broker's handwriting is what is on the application. To make the story short the adjuster accused me of lying on the application when I confronted him he denied stating that ( he did is recorded), when I asked why they waited till I file a claim to confirm my application was accurate his response was I'm sorry we were not able to provide a better application

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I know a lawyer who can resolve this: 856-524-1157


You probably will need an attorney like Attorney Lassen, as the insurance company will certainly take you much more seriously when they see that you represented by one and may be more inclined to come to a quick and favorable settlement. Try Attorney Lassen or you can give us a call at 201 868 1868 or send an email to us at Best of luck.

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