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Can I plea bargain and get the charges drop if it is my first offence

Tampa, FL |

I was leaving a dance club the other night to catch a cab when two officers grabbed me and told me some guy who I'd never meet claimed I struck him in the back of the neck. next thing I know Iam thrown to the ground, ruffed up really bad and put in jail. I was charged with 1 felony batterys, one mis. battery, and 1 felony resist. With a good lawer I think I have a chance. Would a bond forfiture work and what is a rural 13. Also does a no contest go against your record. I dont want or need a felony on my record. thanks for any help you can give.

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A no contest plea is treated the same as a guilty plea by criminal courts. Why do it then? If you plead no contest then your plea cannot be used against you in a civil case. You won't be able to do a good job of plea bargaining. You need a lawyer's help. Ask for a public defender.


Since you are charged with multiple felonies, you will need an experienced criminal attorney to handle your case for you. The outcome on the case(s) will depend (to a certain extent) on how the "victim's" feel about the case and what they want to see happen.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney in the Tampa Bay area, I'd be more than happy to assist you and/or answer any questions that you may have.

Aaron J. Slavin, Esq.


You have no chance of beating this or getting a good deal without a good attorney. There are several really good ones in your area, including Mr. Slavin. I suggest you consult with one immediately.


A bond forfeiture happens when you fail to appear for court and I have no idea what a rural 13 is. I have never heard of one. You do not want to plea no contest at this point because it will be on your record. If you are able to get a withhold of adjudication, it is still a conviction for some purposes but it is not for others. The only way to keep the felony off of your record is a good plea deal or a victory after trial. The State has diversion programs but I do not think you are a candidate for diversion based on your charges. Diversion is similar to probation but the charges get dropped after you complete the program. I practice in Tampa and feel free to call me at 813.453.6396 to discuss further.


I think you need to discuss your case with a criminal defense lawyer asap! The State Attorney will now begin to review the evidence and determine what charges, if any are appropriate. Early interaction with the State can yield good results when they hear the "other sides account" of what happened. Gathering any witnesses which may have been with you is important if your going to have any success. If you want to discuss give me a call, 813-307-9801 .