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Can I petition the courts for my inheritance since the conservatorship has ended?

Ceres, CA |

Hi. I'm in CA. My brothers were conservators of my mom's estate because she had Alzheimers. One brother passed first and my mom passed last year, July 2008. The 2nd & final accounting of the conservatorship was on May 12, 2009 but I still haven't received my inheritance. I should be 1/3 owner of two houses, receive a small amount of cash and also 1/3 of the income from the rental of both homes. I have been talking to my brother for the last 2 months and we cannot agree on anything. My name has not been put on either title and I have received no money. I am unemployed and can use the money.

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YOu need to contact an attorney in the county where the estate/conservatorship was established; pull the case file; and if necessar take your brother to task. Oftentimes what we find is that one party is receiving all the rent, etc. and failing to/ and not wanting to, include the other partial owners. If there is wrongdoing the court will possibly assess any fees and costs your incur against your brother. Good luck.

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