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Can I operate a massage therapy business out of my home, do I have to worry about zoning laws and getting a business license

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may i run a small (just myself) business out of my home? i am a massage therapist and would like to use a room in my home for business but i am unsure about what i need when it come to a business lic? i have read that i might not need one? i have applied for zoning but am unsure what else i might need

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You likely will have to find a local attorney who knows the law of the city where your house is to ask if you can operate a home business. The chance of any attorney here who would know your city's laws is rather small.

Alternatively, your city likely has a person or office who handles business license issues. You can call up that person or office and ask.

You likely will also need licenses or permits from the state.

You likely should also look into tax issues. If you have enough profits, you likely must make estimate tax payments to avoid being penalized.


Every city has specific requirements on what can and can't be done out of your house, particularly regarding running a business out of your home. The requirements can range from what office hours you keep, to the number of cars that come to visit you, to the number of actual business visitors you may have inside.

At a minimum, you will need to take a look at the appropriate zoning laws for your city.

In addition, you need to properly comply with receiving a business license from your city, even if you are operating out of your house. Some cities have fairly stringent requirements for massage therapists and this may make it tougher for you to properly operate a business out of your house.

To protect yourself, you should consider getting additional liability insurance for your home and/or creating a separate legal entity like an LLC or corporation to protect yourself and your home.

Good luck with your new business!


First, resolve the zoning issue. You cannot operate your massage service if it will violate either zoning laws or any covenants in the deed to your home.

It is not imperative that you use an LLC, but it is not a bad idea. The LLC insulates you from liability, at least liability not related to the actual massage. For example, if a client falls off the massage bed and is injured, you are probably personally insulated. If you err in the massage, you may not be able to escape liability, depending on the circumstances.

You definitely should have insurance.

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