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Can I negotiate legal fees with Arizona court system?

Phoenix, AZ |

I'm trying to help my brother with legal issues he has outstanding in Arizona (Scottsdale Municipal and Phoenix Municipal) related to an old DUI charge, failure to appear, etc.) He did a short stint in jail in Phoenix and has legal fees related to that and other charges that were since dropped. the total is about $3500 between 3 cases. As far as I can tell all that is left is to pay the fees but until he does so, they are tacking on more penalties and fees every few months.

So, my main question is... can I negotiate with the court system on these fees? It's all court fees, not lawyer fees. If I were to say "hey, you will never see any of this money if I don't pay it and I don't have to pay it, cut me a deal" will I get any results? $3500 is a LOT of money.


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No you can't get them to cut a deal and they do not really care.