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Can i move to a different city f i am under investigation for a sex crime?

Lufkin, TX |

she was under age and i told them the truth but im getting kicked out and only place i have to go is a different city what do i do?

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Life is not like the movies where a cop can tell you "don't leave town" even though you have not been charged with a crime yet.

Put another way, before any charge is filed, a person is free to leave town if that person wants to, so long as there is not other case holding them. After being charged, if the defendant is released on bond, the court may put reasonable conditions on that release, which can include where the defendant lives.

Considering the charge that is being investigated, you really need to be seeking a good criminal defense lawyer NOW. And, you really need to not be admitting your guilt on a public website such as avvo. Think about it. Avvo is available to prosecutors and police just as much as it is to you. And, if the police can trace your avvo post, you might meet your confession in court.

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