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Can i move out of my parents home at 18 and still attend my high school?

Mahwah, NJ |

I am 18 and live in the state of New Jersey. Still attend high school, do I as an individual have the right to move out of my parents home and move in with another family in the same town as i am currently living? Will they be any way responsible for providing aid for college? Am I financially responsible for myself?

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No one, not even your parents, have any obligation to pay for your college (unless your parents are divorced and one of them promised to do so in the divorce papers). Once you reach the age of majority in your State (it's 18 in mine), you can live where you want and no one has the support obligation. If still attending high school makes a difference in your State, you can call and ask social services.

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Golnar Sargeant

Golnar Sargeant


I just want to add (since you've tagged "moving violation"), that a moving violation has to do with a traffic ticket.


As an 18 year old you are an adult and can do what you want. You can continue to attend the same high school if you continue to reside in the same school district. No, a family that agrees that you come live with them bears no legal or financial responsibility for you.

Under the circumstances (i.e. that you feel compelled to leave your parents) I suggest you reach out to social services (or maybe just start with your guidance counselor) to see what kind of services and assistance you may qualify for.


I would need more information - specifically - are your parents divorced and is there an agreement in place regarding custody, child support, emancipation, etc? If there is no agreement and your parents are still married, they do not have an affirmative obligation to provide aide for college. It would be optional for them whether you were living in the house or not.

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