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Can I move out now ?

North Las Vegas, NV |

Im 17 1/2 so I caint get emancipated ive finish high school and I have a high school diploma .im enrolled into collage so I plan to further my education. I also have a patt time job..and a safe place yo move out to..I live with my mother and we dont get along were constenly arguing theres not a day were we can live in peace ..she bipolar and is always un happy ..she wont let me move out..I have asked and try emancipation but im to old for that..I knoe im almost 18 but my situation is critical . Can I move out?

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Legally you cannot move out until you are emancipated. A petition for Emancipation has to be filed in the Juvenile Court. You have to prove that you are able to support yourself. Your parents have the right to be noticed and to object. By the time a hearing is set, you might be 18. Alternatively, talk to your mom about your plans calmly and maybe she would appreciate the opportunity for the two of you to have a better relationship so long as you are moving to a safe environment.

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