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Can i move out at 18 years old?

Dayton, OH |

Can i move out of my parents house now that im 18 years of age? Is it my decision to move out or stay at home? And can the police do anything about it? Because my mother said that the law says You cant move out when your 18 because you are still in school.
Is that true? I heard that you can move out at the age of 18 because you are a legal adult and can make your own decisions.

The reason why i want to leave my parents house is because I want to be on my own, and i want to have that feeling of being moved out of my parents house, i want that freedom. and im going to look for a job this weekend. My boyfriend has a very good job at 10.50 an hour. i will be able to support myself and we will be able to support each other.It's not like im going to stop going to school if i move out, im still going to be going to school because i want to graduate and go to college. I feel that i can do it on my own and support my self. i know the consequinces of moving out of my parents house and i will take those for my actions. I feel that i will do good on my own and i want to prove to myself and everyone that said i couldnt do it on my own that i really can. So my question is, Can i move out of my parents house right now if i wanted to without them stopping me or the police even though im 18 years old and my boyfriend is also an adult. thank you for your time.

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yes you may and at age 18 you are legally an adult
however, before you do, please give serious consideration before you move out
having your freedom is a good thing, but with it comes great responsibility
Rent, utilities, automobile expense, food, clothing, health insurance, auto insurance etc. all cost several thousand dollars per month
at $10.50 an hour, your boyfriend has a good job, but not a great job
great jobs pay far more money
it would be wiser to stay with your parents until you finish high school
after you secure a good full-time job then moving out might be an ok option

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