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Can I move out at 17 if i'm unemancipated but I let my parents know where i'm going and i'm still attending school?

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Ive heard that this is possible in Texas

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Your parents designate where you live until you are 18. If they designate the place you have chosen, that should be fine. They are still responsible for making sure you are supervised appropriately and have the things you need, for that reason most parents require their kids to stay home until 18.

Before you move make sure you have as much education as you can get (at least your GED or high school diploma). It is much easier to find a job with education. Some college helps a lot.

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Only if your parents agree. Otherwise, no. I'd point you to my blog post about this, but AVVO won't let us include links to our own blog posts any longer. If you Google "Emancipation of Minors in Texas" my article, which explains this in detail, will be one of the top results you find.


That would make you a runaway unless you have your parent's permission.

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You say "unemancipated" but you're trying to make decisions on your own and just expect your parents to deal with it. If you want to go through the emancipation process then you can look up the law and steps necessary to achieve this, like how to show that you're financially stable, self-supporting and responsible, then a Judge can decide if you are well enough on your own to emancipate you. However, this process will likely take until you've turned 18, so try to follow the other attorneys advice here and get parents consent for your decisions before you're cast as a runaway. Even joining the military before 18 takes parental consent and likely a GED/High School diploma.

Hopefully you're not going back to an abusive or dangerous environment with your parents, but that's a bigger topic that you didn't hint at in your question so I won't go into it.

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