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Can i move on house arrest.

York, PA |

I am house arrest in York county Pa. I would like to move to Harrisburg Pa the next county over. I work in Harrisburg and live in York. I do not have my licence and my wife has to travel over 130 miles a day to take me to and from work. My house arrest is over Feb 27th 2010. The reason that i would like to move is that the travel and expeces of a new baby has me about to be avicted of my apartment and by moving to Harrisburg will save mr over 500+ a month. Is my house arrest officer allowed to let me move. She said that i had to paticion the court. But i do not have the money for that. What else can i do.?

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If you are on County probation your Probation officer should be able to grant or deny you permission to move from York to Dauphin County. You shouldn't need to file a petition. Now if you are on the cuff electronic monitor you would need to see if the monitoring company can monitor in Dauphin County.

If for some reason you have to file the petition and you abosolutly cannot afford an attorney and the PD won't assist you due to you case being adjudicated then you can file your own petition.

You should be able to get a form of petition from the York County Law Library, my guess is it is located in the County Courthouse in York. Fill it in and tell the court exactly what it is you want to do and why. Provide facts for example the specific address that you want to move to, the hardship of the 130 mile drive, the benefits of your job ie it supports your family gives you health insurance or whatever else. Contact the monitoring company and ask if they can monitor you in Harrisburg and include that information. Present the information in numbered paragraphs and sign the petition submit it to the Clerk of courts and ask them how you go about schedueling a hearing, You may have to file a rule to show cause to do that, the law library should have those forms as well. Use the docket number from your criminal case and make sure you give a copy to your probation officer and to the DA.

If at all possible you really should try to get an attorney to do this for you. Best of Luck.

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