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Can I move my family out of state for a job promotion? I am the legal father but the biological father in question.

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My wife cheated while still married and had a child with the biological father in question. My wife and I are planning to stay together. He has had nothing to do with the child since birth. Now that his relationship is over with my wife he all of a sudden wants a paternity test and visitation rights. I am the sole provider for my family and I have a job promotion available in another state I have been working in. I will have to move to another state. The new promotion will provide me more time at home and a more stable environment for my family. Can he stop us from moving and get visitation rights?

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Until a custody order is rendered, he has no rights to the child and no rights to prevent your move. You cannot be expected to sit around, putting your life on hold in anticipation that he may try to get visitation rights.

If, however, he has instituted proceedings it is advisable that you notify him and his attorney of your move.

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