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Can i Marry USC girlfriend to adjust status and remained in the US to finish school?

Plano, TX |

I have been in the US since 2006 under F - 1 visa went through ESL school then college and then University 2009 i went out of status after spring 2010 due to financial reasons ( late tuition ) then got back to school in fall 2011 apply for reinstatement then put on suspension ( poor grades ) for spring 2012 while reinstatement process came approved but being out of status since on suspension . Tried a new reinstatement while attending an ESL school i539 came denied this month .

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Since your entry into the United States was legal if you were to marry in good faith to a USC then you should be able to apply for adjustment of status. I would however recommend you meet with any attorney to review your documents. My office is located in McKinney just north of Plano. If you wish to schedule a consult please contact my office or email a request. Good luck!


I agree with my colleague. If the marriage is bonafide, you may be able to adjust your status and obtain permanent residence in the US. Please consult with an experienced attorney to evaluate your case.
Our firm handles such matters and offers a free 15 minute consultation.

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If you intend to live as husband and wife, you can still apply for a green card.



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You appear to have a good case for adjustment of status. Consult with an immigration lawyer before filing. Best of luck.

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I agree with my colleagues - although it appears you would be eligible for adjustment of status though a good-faith marriage to a USC, you really need to meet with an immigration attorney in your area in order to ensure that you are protecting your best interests.

Please remember this is not official legal advice, and this is no way establishes an attorney-client relationship. For a free 15 minute phone consultation please call 972-638-7207.