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Can I marry an illegal alien if he has no papers. His green card has been revolked. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the orig

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My fiance is an illegal alien. He had an car accident when he was a child & his friend died. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison because he had been drinking at the time. He was deported after serving the sentence & the greencard was revolked. We were planning to go to Mexico and get married, but he was arrested and now will be in jail for a year. I would like to proceed with our wedding plans and marry him here in the United States. Since he has no legal Identification I was hoping you would be able to advise me what type of ID can I get so we can get married while he is in jail. Please advise.

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Generally children don't get 7 years for being in a fatally accident involving alcohol. From the sentence, he sounds like an adult who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter. It's not clear where he was arrested, where he's in jail, and what for.

If you would like to marry him, generally the consulate from his country can assist with ID while he's in jail. You need to contact the jail though to find out the procedure their for getting married. His chances of being allowed to live in the US seem difficult. You should consult and immigration lawyer to find out what his chances are. Good luck!

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