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Can I make repairs on my place that I am renting so I am not charged later by the landlord?

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I damaged the home I am renting accidentally, and now the manager wants to charge an exorbitant amount to fix. I am wondering whether I can pay someone to do the exact same repairs so I am not charged. There is some minor water damage to a floor and also a counter top needs to be replaced. Is this something that I am allowed to have someone fix before I move out?

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Repairs to damage caused by a tenant can be made at the tenants direction and cost however it would be wise to have the LL agree the repairs made were adequate. One way of doing this is to include a third party satisfaction clause in your contract with the repairman; the third party being your LL.

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Sure--but, keep in mind that it doesn't necessarily mean that the landlord still won't try to charge you (for some or all of the amount). Hope this helps.


Yes, these appear to be repairs that you can undertake as part of avoiding deductions from your security deposit under CC 1950.5. I suggest you have the landlord give you an estimate of what he would charge you if he makes the repairs himself – assuming you are moving out—he is obligated to give you a written estimate under cc 1950.5(f)(1) and subsection (2) which states:
(2) Based on the inspection, the landlord shall give the tenant an
itemized statement specifying repairs or cleaning that are proposed
to be the basis of any deductions from the security the landlord
intends to make pursuant to paragraphs (1) to (4), inclusive of
subdivision (b). This statement shall also include the texts of
paragraphs (1) to (4), inclusive, of subdivision (b). The statement
shall be given to the tenant, if the tenant is present for the
inspection, or shall be left inside the premises.
(3) The tenant shall have the opportunity during the period
following the initial inspection until termination of the tenancy to
remedy identified deficiencies, in a manner consistent with the
rights and obligations of the parties under the rental agreement, in
order to avoid deductions from the security.

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