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Can I make changes on spousal and child support in my petition for divorce after i filed it?

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I filed for divorce and didnt ask for child or sopusal support at thye beggining but now i want to add this to my petition,would this slow the process and can i still do it?

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You need to file an ammended petition


On the issue of child support. The petition raises the issues of child support as an operation of law Child support is addressed in paragraph 8 on the second page.
Concerning the issue of spousal support. Just because spousal support is not checked does not mean it is not an issue for the court to decide. Failure to check the box for spousal support will only preclude you from asking for it if you move forward on a default.
You can raise the issue of child and spousal support with a request for Orders so the court can calculate the proper amounts.


Of course you can request child support and spousal support. Filing the initial pleadings for a divorce does NOT trigger a court date during which the judge will make child support, spousal support, or custody order. In fact, the longer you wait, the longer it will be before you receive any support payments since it takes some time to file the correct paperwork and wait for your court date. You need to file what is called a Request for Orders and include an Income and Expense Declaration. I am including a link below which explain how to file your request.

As to whether it slows down the divorce itself, the answer is no, the two issues are separate and it may even expedite things since these issues will need to be addressed at some point.

Please begin educating yourself on the process--it will make a lot more sense once you understand the basics. I am including links below which will help you. Good luck.

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