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Can I lose the truck if i get pulled over?

Baytown, TX |

i have a truck that i purchased back in Aug. 2012 i havent got the title switched over yet but the title is signed both by me and the seller of the truck. the court will not change the title unless the bill of sale is also signed. the seller is out of state he is a marine. the sellers parents are going to report the truck stolen because i havent switched it over

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The sellers parents would be committing a crime - called 'Filing a False Police Report'. You can have the seller sign the necessary document in front of his Marine legal officer. Send it to him. Good Luck!


Agreed. You could also demand your money back because they failed to provide you actual title. You would of course have to give the truck back.

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You may lose it temporarily while the police sort things out. You may also spend a little time in jail for vehicular theft. But if the facts are as you say, then you would have a very good claim against the parents.

If the sellers parents report the truck stolen, then they are falsifying a report. You would then have a legal claim against them for any damages they cause you. Write to the marine and see if he will provide power of attorney to someone back here in the states for limited purposes of signing the documents over. His base should have legal staff which can help him do this fairly easily.

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