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Can I lien a car that has a title loan lein on it already?Can I sell it with my lien to scarp yard?

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Hi i have a question. I have a car a 1990 cadillac that the owner brought to me to have the engine replaced which was about 5 years ago. he enever paid and went to bankruptcy court. he said the court told the title loan company theyt could take the car for thier lein amount. I contacted thenm a few times but never got a response.I have the agreement for the work and what i charge for storage. the car once I remove the engine that wasnt paid for is worth nothing but I cant scrap it or sell it for junk without a title. the old owner said he doenst think he has anything to do with it. His name shows on the title with a lien by the company. he said he'd sign whatever he needs to let me get rid of the car.What can i do? Can I lien it and then after the time sell it under my lien ?

So lets say they have a $1300 lien and mine comes out basically to $45 a day stoage x5 years so in all reality $16,425 times 5 years would be $82125 just for storage and the car itsself is worth if running and complete at best $1200 but the company wont release the lein, the last owner says he has nothing to do with it as court said the lein holder was given the car but the lien company won't come get it or release lien? I had called 12 times best i got was they wanted me to pay for the tow to thier yard as they said they wouldnt pay to have it towed. i sent 3 letters no response from them any option after that? I thought about pushing the car into the road and then just calling the city and telling them there was an abandoned car in the road but my luck Id get sued by the city if I do..Any options??

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You still have to deal with the valid lien holder, the title loan company. Until you get their interest in the car satisfied, whatever action you take is at risk because of their legal position.

I observe "contact[ed] a few times" is not a valid attempt to notify the title loan company. Good luck.

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