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Can I legally video record my task at work for my protection. I have a supervisor who has been proven to be a saboteur.

Long Beach, CA |

I am a perfectionist, my whole life did very well. Recently, I've got appointed a new supervisor and everything , not most things but everything I've done has been wrong or had error according to her. Never any evidence or reprimands but she claims I lack attention to detail. So of course I naturally zoned in on all my work to make sure, it was 100% correct, and she still would claim to have found something wrong, I've talk to HR and our CEO and the director, nothing has changed yet. I even asked to be moved from her department. I am running out of options, and quitting will take time, because of course I need to find a job to replace this one.

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Video or audio taping yourself does not raise legal issues, but what you propose to do raises questions of your employer's policies and willingness to tolerate any taping in the workplace. Your employer has a general right to instruct you not to engage in any taping at the worksite, and even a right to terminate you for doing it in the first place in the absence of such an instruction.

What you describe is a very difficult and challenging issue. Your efforts to cause the intervention of higher managers certainly conform to what anyone would have advised you to do. The fact that management has been unresponsive is troubling. There are some circumstances where the employee simply does not have the power or control to cause a sound solution.

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