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Can I legally own a gun if I have a felony on my juvenile record, in Florida?

Green Cove Springs, FL |

I know my record is only viewable to the government, police, military, etc., but can I buy a gun? If I need to get it expunged or sealed how would I go about doing so?

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You should go to the link provided below and take the "test" to see if you will have a problem.

Answering the questions will require that know for sure what your charges were and what your disposition was. If you are unsure, you'll need to go the clerk's office where you were arrested and get a certified disposition from them.

If you want your record sealed or expunged, you'll need to discuss the issue with an attorney, who will also need to know your final disposition. If you have any questions this doesn't answer, please give my office in Jacksonville a call and I'll try to help you through it.


A juvenile conviction is not a "felony conviction" per federal law if it happened in juvenile court. However, if you were a juvenile convicted of a felony in adult court because you were transferred over to that court -- you are a "prohibited person" under both Florida and Federal law, and cannot own or possess firearms or ammunition or ammunition components. However, Florida law prohibits firearms ownership or possession where a person had a felony conviction or withheld adjudication in juvenile court until you reach the age of 24 years. Violation is a second degree felony. Florida Statute 790.23