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Can I legally leave Illinois at age 17 and go to Missouri if I have a place to stay? Even if my parents said no.

Marion, IL |

I was left in Missouri at age 16 . With staying with a friend and responsible adult , I turned 17 . And a month after that , my dad came and picked me up and took me back to Illinois . He just got custody of me though . Could I leave legally and go back to my friends house in Missouri if mi 17 since the age to live without your parents there is 17 .

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It seems you asked this question in a different form not too long ago. No, you cannot leave Illinois or your father's care right now. You may leave when you turn 18. The age of emancipation in Illinois is 18 and you and your father are subject to Illinois law.


By rewording the question the answer does not change at all. The answer is NO.

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No. Only at age 18.

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