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Can i legally get in trouble?

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My mom gave me a car for graduation/birthday gift. She even said numerous mine the car is mine and mine only. Im planning on moving to tennessee and she said i dont have to pay for insurance because she has me under "borrower" on the insurance plan. The car is paid off for. Can she get police enforcement involved if push came to shove? Can i be arrested for taking the car even though it was given to me?

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There seems to be some missing information. Does she not want you to go to Tenn? Is she threatening to report the car stolen?

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A key piece of information to share when seeking advice on this matter is - What do the Title and Registration documents say? If you do not hold title or have the vehicle registered in your name it will make a significant difference in the answers to your questions.

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Your fact pattern misses a few important facts. Who owns the car? It sounds like someone other than you. If you take the car anywhere to a place that the owner does not want you to, then you could be in trouble. Insurance as a borrower implies that you are not the owner and are merely some permissive user. If you dont control the insurance, you can be removed as a user as well. Speak with your mother and work it out, outside the legal arena.

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