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Can I legally ask for the spouse's work schedule in order to coordinate the visitation schedule with the children?

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I, the father, am taking care of the children of 4, 7 days a week, pick them up from daycare, and cook dinner. The mother has them 9:30PM to 8:30AM where she drops them off at daycare, Tue., Wed., and Thu. nights. She lives in a one bedroom apartment with her father. I initially agreed to this schedule that she requested because it is the only time the children spend with her. With the last 2 weeks, the mother is picking them up from daycare more often and cooking them dinner. I don't think their place for sleep is appropriate with one bedroom. I have a three bedroom apartment and we live in the same apartment complex where the kids can walk back and forth. I think its best for the kids to sleep in their own beds. I want to change the schedule. What is your opinion on the way forward?

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I think you should discuss this with a custody attorney in Falls Church. Custody and visitation are complex legal issues which are multi-factorial and typically are not as clear as the litigants otherwise believe.

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I agree that meeting with a local experienced attorney is a good idea. Filing in Court may be the best way to move forward.

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Are you seeking to modify an existing order that defines the terms of visitation? Or, is it your desire to have a court enter an order establishing an initial visitation schedule? If there is no order in place, you have to file an initial petition with the Court (J&D if never married) and (Circuit if the filing is incident to a divorce). If there is an order, you have to file a Motion or Petition to modify the existing order based upon a change in circumstances. Your question cannot be accurately addressed in this forum and it is recommended that you confer with an experienced family lawyer in your local area to discuss all options that are available. Best of luck~

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