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Can I leave the U.S. for vacation if I have recently been convicted of a crime

Christchurch, VA |

I am 19 years old I have recently been convicted of my first two criminal affences one was posetion of canabis utencils and the other was faulse use of documents will this stop me leaving the country for a short period of time?

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Unless a person is a criminal or otherwise being wanted by the government, the US government generally does not stop people from leaving the US.

While the US government does not stop people from leaving, the governments of the countries to which the person is going may not allow the person from entering those countries. You need to check whether you have the privilege of entering the countries where you are going. Some countries bar the entry of persons with qualifying criminal records.

It is when people are entering the US that the US government check whether those people have legal right to be in the US.

Are you a US citizen? Are you currently under some sort of supervision that restricts your right to travel?

The US government generally cannot stop a US citizen from returning to the US. If the US citizen has outstanding warrants, the citizen may be arrested when returning.

If you are not a US citizen, you may want to carefully check that you will not be barred from re-entering the US once you leave the US. The criminal offenses that you listed may be bases to bar your re-entry.


If you are currently under supervised probation in the Commonwealth, you will need to check with your Virginia probation officer regarding your proposed trip abroad.

Otherwise, there should be no problem with such a trip.

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