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Can I leave the state while on probation?

Atlanta, GA |

Am I allowed to leave the state if I'm on probation for a felony? I am on probation for DUI, and I was never told that I cannot leave the state, but my mother informed me that she thinks that I do need permission. Do I need permission to leave GA, or is it ok for me to leave the state while on probation? My PO is very hard to get a hold of. Otherwise, I would just ask her.

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I agree with my colleague, ask your probation officer before leaving the state while you're on probation. If you cannot get through, contact the main office for the probation department and see who else you can get through to. Alternatively, check the standard conditions of probation you would have been given when you were put on probation to see if this is listed as one of your conditions. Good luck.


If you are on probation for a felony, you need a TRAVEL PERMIT before you can leave the state while on probation. DUI is usually a misdemeanor in Georgia. Your probation officer will want to know when you plan to leave, where you're going and when you'll be back. You should expect to have to report to probation within 24 hours of your return to take an alcohol or drug screen to make sure you didn't leave to drink or do drugs. Each time you meet with probation, tell you officer your travel plans. Try to give this in writing so that there's no misunderstanding.


Look at your probation order. It almost certainly limits your ability to travel without the PO's permission, so you should check in with her before leaving the state if you're on probation.