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Can i leave the country before my court-date?

Marietta, GA |

I'm leaving the country before my court date ,can i leave the country or not? and what happens when i come back, i got a speeding ticket , i really want to pay it but it says i have to be in court????why??

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The charge might be too serious for you to pay by mail.

You must make arrangements on your case before you travel abroad. Don't just skip the court hearing.

In writing, request a continuance to a date certain when you will be able to attend. And, consider hiring a lawyer to be your advocate.


You can request a continuance in writing. Call the clerk and they will give you a fax number to send the letter to.

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In addition to counsel above, if you are not scheduled for court until you get back, and your question is merely," can I leave the country with this charge outstanding?", you will have no prblem with authorities at the time you leave and the time in which you come back, but don't lie if you are asked about it. Take the citation with you to show it is not a serious charge.

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