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Can I landlord legally place camera's in the bathroom?

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I live in a house with 5 other people and my landlady. Someone in the house isn't putting the toilet seat down. My landlady says she wants to place camera in our bathroom to catch whoever isn't putting the toilet seat down. This makes me very uncomfortable. Is there anything I can legally do to stop this. I know that landlords are allowed to place cameras in common area but is there an exception for bathrooms.

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You will rarely get straight, 100% certain answers on here, but this is one time you will. No. No, she can't do that. She cannot place surveillance cameras that film people naked. Never mind liability as a landlord - she could go to jail.


Under mgl 272 section 105 it is a crime for surveillance cameras to take images of nude or semi-nude people. Breaking the law is punishable by fine or inprisonment or both.

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Wow, that's one of the most impressively wrong things I've heard from a landlord in quite a while. No, she absolutely cannot do that.

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No, this is outrageous and unlawful.

If I were you, and I wasn't sure whether she had done so or not, I might actually seek to break my lease or go into Court to order to remove any surveillance equipment. There could be a camera without you even knowing it.

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