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Can I keep my husbands girlfriend away from my kids while they have visitation with their dad?

Hopewell, VA |

My husband and I are seperated but still legally married. He has a girlfriend who feels like she has a say in decisions made in regards to our children. She pushed my daughter during a visitation with dad. According to my kids the girlfriend was upset because their father wanted to sleep in the same room with the kids and not sleep in the bed with the girlfriend. She is also trying to force her religion on my kids and I have expressed to their dad that I dont want her to take my children to church. but he continues to let them go and take them even though I ask him not to.

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If the father does not agree to honor your wishes, you can go to court and ask that the court prohibit the girlfriend from being present during visitation. Since you still are married and there are actual problems with her conduct around the children, there is a good chance that the court will seriously consider this restriction.

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