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Can I keep my house if I file for chapter 7, I am two months behind on mortgage

Ramona, CA |

I have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I am behind two monthes on my first and second mortgage. I will however be able to get caught up so I am only 1 month behind as of January 9th. Then in the summer I will get totally caught up. Because I filed Bankruptcy can they take my house or can I call the bank and work something out? I am wondering how much say I have in what i get to keep and what I do not. Also can any of the relief programs help me out and who is good to contact. My lawyer is not much help in helping me understand what can happen.

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Because you are in bankruptcy, the lender is going to likely not want to speak with you unless they have permission from your attorney. Because you are behind on your mortgage in a chapter 7, you are at risk of losing your house, but if they are willing to work with you with getting you current, you might be okay. Typically, when someone is behind on their house, I advise them to file chapter 13 if they want to keep their house.