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Can I keep my house but still file bankruptcy?

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Can you keep your house, but still file to rid of unsecured debt?

Yesm, the point of a Chapter 13, is to disharge some or all of your unsecured debt while maintaining your house

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Generally, in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, you will be able to keep your house. You will need to pay the arrears under the mortgage over a 60 month terms and the regular payments as you go.


Absolutely. If you are behind on the mortgage than you will want to file a Chapter 13. This will allow you to pay the arearage over time and discharge the unsecured debt. If you are current on the home mortgage and do not have significant (less than 20K for single, 40K couple) equity in your home then you can file a Chapter 7 to eliminate the unsecured debt. My office is in Norristown and I handle both 7s and 13s. please feel free to call for a free consultation.