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Can i judge order a judgement againest my social security.

Phoenix, AZ |

a lawyer for ford motor company is trying to get a judgement againest me for this bill. i have sent both the judge and the lawyer proof of my income. and showed its the only income i have . my social security check. the case is in arkansas

sorry that should of said can a judge

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Social Security is protected so it can not be garnished except for child support and student loans.The company can still get a judgment which will show a legal determination that you owe an outstanding debt. It is not collectible through your SS but will remain on your credit history and damage your ability to borrow future monies.


I agree with Mr. Curtis. Your only worry is that the judgement will hinder your ability to borrow from other lenders because it will affect your credit.


The Court can enter a judgment against you & it sounds like it will because having only social security as your income is not a legal defense. Be sure you do not mix your social security benefits into your bank account with money from any other source because it is possible for this money to lose its protection by a process called comingling. Talk to your bank manager to confirm bank policy should a Writ be served on the bank because you don't want your account to be frozen while the bank figures out that the money ought to be protected. This is not the end of your troubles, though. If you own any assets that are not protected by state laws called exemptions, a judgment creditor can have these assets seized and sold to pay your debt. I am posting a link to a general description of exemptions for all 50 states below for you to review. Hope this perspective helps!


Mr. Curtis is correct that your ability to pay is irrelevant to the right of Ford Motor Company to obtain a judgment against you. It is very possible that you are "collection-proof" but to know for sure, you should consult with a consumer-rights or bankruptcy (even if not interested in bankruptcy) attorney who will review your total financial condition and advise how an outstanding judgment might affect you. Be aware that commingling Social Security benefits with funds from other sources may expose a bank account to garnishment, and the garnishment process itself can freeze a bank account long enough to cause checks to be dishonored and incur large bank fees.

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