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Can I join the military with a dui conviction?

Richmond, VA |

I recieved a DUI in Chesapeake VA back in November and now I am going to lose my job. I knew the consequences I would face before I screwed-up, so I won't complain. In any case, I'm going to lose my job and it will be hard for me to make anywhere near what I'm making now, let alone get a job using my skills without a valid driver's license. So I feel like a good direction for me would be to join the military and earn a degree. I spoke with a recruiter and was told that I cannot join without first going to court and then serving probation. My question is, how long will I be on probation and what are the odds that I could work-out a deal where I did not have probation as long as I served 4 years with honorable dicharge?

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The Armed Forces are strained and need folks. I have had clients with worse convictions accepted for service.

Thank you for serving our country. I really commend you.