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Can I ignore notice of violation?

Orlando, FL |

I just got back from a trip to Florida keys, and had a notice of violation in the mail from the City of Florida City. The video shows that I made a right turn at a red light but did not come to a complete stop. Should I just pay the $158? Can this be disputed? It says if notice isn't paid then a UTC will follow.

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Pay the ticket. At this point it is almost the same as a parking ticket meaning no points of your drivers license and your insurance company doesn't get notified.
Make sure you pay the ticket timely otherwise it converts to UTC which may result in points and notification to your insurance company


Call a traffic attorney. There may be evidence problems.

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Can you ignore the ticket? Sure. Should you? No. Red light tickets typically increase in price after 30 days of nonpayment. Here in Jacksonville, no points are assessed, so you are better of just paying.

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