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Can I ignore and slander / libel suit?

Los Angeles, CA |

I did slander and libel my brother really bad. Told people he neglected Dad and it caused his death. Filed false reports against him with a elder abuse agency. Now he is suing me.

If I don't show up will he get the damages he is asking for? $100,000. Or does a judge decide? I have no money for an attorney. Was told a court appointed attorney is only for criminal cases.

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If you don't file a response to the complaint, you risk having default entered against you, followed by a default judgment. And, yes--chances are that the judge will likely award him what he is seeking, since you are not there to tell your side of the story and all the judge has to go with, in making his/her decision, is your brother's side. (By failing to make an appearance in the action, you are waiving all of your defenses.)

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You can ignore it... But probably it will be to your detriment. If you ignore it, your brother will probably win by default and he probably will get whatever he wants, since the judge will only hear his side. Considering the information given, it seems that you are liable, however you may have a defense as to damages. Consider consulting an attorney.


Seek the help of an attorney in your area for consultation. You have to answer to the lawsuit you were served with. Good luck !!!


As Confucius said, before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig 2 graves


Not unless you want a default j of 100k