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Can I ignore a photo radar ticket i got in the mail?

Phoenix, AZ |

I got a photo radar ticket in Phoenix, Arizona in December 2008 stating I was driving approximately 66 mph in a 55 mph zone. I understand that citations need to be made in person or they are not valid. A legitimate claim is that I never received the citation. As such, isn't a valid course is simply to ignore the ticket? Also, I understand that if the ticket is not issued in person then it becomes invalid after a set amount of time, something like 60 to 120 days. I also understand that a ticket like this stays in my record indefinitely regardless of the outcome. Are these true? I appreciate your feedback.

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Pardon me for saying so but everything you understand is incorrect. Radar tickets received in the mail are used in most states now. Traffic tickets are not dismissed in 60m days. You better go to Court and defend yourself. If a lot is at stake pay a traffic lawyer to do it. Your best bet is that the radar wasn't working properly.