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Can I hire a lawyer for false accusations

Brooksville, FL |

I had DCF called on me with totally false accusations even thought the case is closed they still have my family in programs they reccomended and its a waste of time, and alot of stress for what I also feel is a HUGE waste of time can I get the person who called on me in trouble for making the accusations and is it worth the time? If its worth it how do I go about it and Im low income so is it going to cost me more than I can expect?

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You can contact the police and report that someone made a false report to a law enforcement agency. Not worth suing because no lawyer will take the case and you will never collect any money.


I agree with Attorney Smitten that it's not worth suing. I disagree that you can't find an attorney to take the case. If you have tens of thousands of dollars to pay an attorney hundreds of dollars per hour to prove this person made false accusations against you, you can hire an attorney to try to get a judgment. That does not mean you will be able to collect the money in that judgment. As a business decision, it would cost a lot of money to sue someone for slander and it is unlikely you will get the money back, but if you are very wealthy you can do it.

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