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Can I have the charges dropped? What could happen to my son?

Rowlett, TX |

I was trying to call 411 on both my cell and house phone to report a non emergency on my 13 yr old son. He block me in the house so that I could not leave and he snatched the phone(s) from my hand to prevent me from calling the police. He pushed me down on the floor. The police came because I somehow dialed 911 instead of 411 on my cell phone . He was taken to the police station, then later transferred to juvenile detention center then later released.

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Your son committed two clas A offenses by assaulting you and interfering with a 911 call (I know you say you weren't calling 911--by the way 411 would have been no help at all--but you also say he took the phone away to prevent you from calling the police. He committed this offense.) It sounds like he needs law enforcement intervention at this point. If he continues this behavior he will seriously injure you or someone else in the future and be looking at prison time at that point. If he has been given a court date, you need to follow up with it or he will be re-arrested. He will likely be sentenced to probation with anger management and life skills classes. He needs to take his probation conditions seriously if he doesn't want to go back to jail.

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