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Can I have Satellite TV(Directv) installed in my condo?

North Wildwood, NJ |

I own a condo on the first floor of a converted hotel that is now privately owned units. I really do not like, want, or ever want to do business with Comcast(Xfinity). is it possible or even legal to have the satellite placed on the roof? According to the FCC OTARD placement details are very faint, not to in detail for the average person. I do not have a exclusive area for my condo where a satellite could go. I do not recall the by-laws mentioning this at all. Is the roof even a common area? Or can I attach the satellite to a exterior wall? On a side note one owner had a airconditioner unit placed on the roof for their central air. I do not even want to ask my association for permission, cause it will never be addressed. Is this a case of just do it and beg for forgiveness?

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Most likely this is something controlled by the condo by-laws. You should look to those first. If you do not want to ask the association permission, I am guessing that you already know the answer. Doing it and just begging forgiveness will create problems. The condo is a mutual community that must rely upon the owners/resident to adhere to the rules for the mutual benefit. What happens when the owner next to you decides that storing his trash until the end of the week in the hall is ok? Just beg foregiveness?
Look at the agreements. Honor them.


Don't do it until you receive permission. Trust me, they will be on it. If it mounted to the roof, you could cause damage and be liable for an expensive repair.


As previously mentioned, condo living is community living. Always keep the Golden Rule in mind. It would be hypocritical for you to allow yourself to act with disregard of the rules, then to complain when one of your neighbors does the same for his own benefit.

If you are concerned that your association is unresponsive, I recommend sending all communications in the manner specified in the rules and by-laws. I wager that the governing documents require all communication to be in writing and sent by certified mail return receipt requested. The benefit to you is that this type of mailing creates a paper trail from which you can prove compliance with the communication rules. Also send the letter by regular mail. In the event the certified letter is returned unsigned, but the regular mail is not, then you know that the regular mail was successfully delivered.

If you association remains unresponsive to your requests, contact an attorney for assistance. I wish you the best.

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