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Can I have my second amendment rights reinstated after completing 6 years of probation and ez interlock?

Houston, TX |

I was convicted of a Felony DWI 7 Years ago I was sentanced to 6 years community supervision (Probation) and a Ez Interlock device was place in my truck for that time. One Month ago the Ez Interlock was removed and I was released from probation with no violations. I would like to be able to own guns again, can I have my rights reinstated? If so how do I go about doing this?

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This is a matter of State law not federa llaw. You can apply for gun privileges. Usually there is an area on the form to explain your unique situation. Assuming you are not under alcohol treatment for alcohol dependency and your crime did not involve the use of a gun, give it a shot. If you are denied, you would be in no worse position than you are now.

Bruce A. Brennan



This question is NOT simply one of state law. Federal law prohibits a convicted felon of possessing a firearm unless they have had their rights restored under state law.

The only way to do that is to petition the Governor's office for restoration of civil rights. This is extremely unlikely to happen. Until it does be aware that you are violating federal law if you possess any firearm.

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