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Can i have my misdemeanor dropped by joining the military

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NO. The charge cannot be dropped by joining the military. On the other hand, I have used the fact that my client wanted to join the military to convince the prosecutor to lessen the charge to something the recruiter indicates will not bar the client from joining. With these types of CDS charges, it is sometimes possible to get a conditional discharge that will result in a dismissal after completion of the program. Discuss this with your lawyer and your recruiter to confirm that the possible disposition will not bar you from joining before you decide what to do. Good luck.

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Sure if the prosecutor wants. However, a first-time misdemeanor offense is usually given a deferred prosecution which results in dismissal upon completion of the Diversion/Intervention Program.

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No. However, if this is your first offense, you will be eligible for the MDP (misdemeanor diversion program) through the state attorney's office. I suggest going to your arraignment and asking the state attorney how to apply for the program. In broward, there are two programs. One is the drug court program, a six month program requiring counseling, drug testing, etc. Upon completion, the state will drop all charges. The other program is MDP. You pay $300.00 to the Department of probation, $150.00 to the state attorney's office, be subjected to random testing, and do 25 hours of community service. the state will drop the charges after 3 months. with either program, you will be able to have your record completely expunged after successful completion.